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Plenary Session IV: Award Competition

May 6, 2020 12:20pm ‐ May 6, 2020 2:30pm

Credits: None available.


  • Targeting Myeloid-cell Specific Integrin Alpha9Beta1 Inhibits Arterial Thrombosis and Improves Stroke Outcome by Limiting Thrombo-inflammation
  • Vein-on-chip: Microengineered Modeling of Venous Valves, Thrombosis and Therapeutics
  • Evaluating the Impact of Thrombocytopenia and Platelet Transfusion on Bleeding and Thrombosis in the Setting of Anti-Platelet Therapy
  • A Genome-Wide Screen for Modifiers of Tissue Factor Activity Identifies the Palmitoyltransferase ZDHHC2 as a Negative Regulator of Coagulation Initiation
  • Adipocyte Tribbles1 Regulates Plasma Lipids and Circulating Adiponectin
  • H3K4 Di-methylation Controls Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Lineage Identity, Contractility, and Participation in Vascular Remodeling
  • Endothelial Rna-binding Protein Elavl1 (HuR) Regulates Alternative Splicing of Genes Involved in Adaptive Immunity and Increases T Cells in the Atherosclerotic Intima
  • A Genome-Wide CRISPR Screen in Primary Macrophages Reveals WDFY3 as a Novel Regulator of Macrophage Efferocytosis in vitro and in vivo



Credits: None available.

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